Kurta Pyjama vs. Sherwani: Which is Better for Your Wedding Day?


Kurta Vs sherwani


Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and choosing the right attire is crucial. Among the many options available, two popular choices for grooms in Indian weddings are the traditional Kurta Pyjama and the majestic Sherwani. Each outfit has its unique charm, and the decision ultimately boils down to your personal style and the ambiance of your wedding.

In this blog post, we will break down the differences between the Kurta Pyjama and Sherwani to help you make an informed choice for your special day.

Understanding the Kurta Pyjama

What is a Kurta Pyjama?

A Kurta Pyjama is a classic Indian outfit characterized by a long tunic-style top paired with straight-cut pants. This ensemble is known for its simplicity and comfort, making it a preferred choice for many grooms.



When to Choose a Kurta Pyjama

  • Intimate Ceremonies: If you're having a small, intimate wedding or pre-wedding ceremonies, the Kurta Pyjama is an excellent choice. It allows you to move freely and is less cumbersome than a Sherwani.
  • Daytime Events: For morning or daytime events, the lightweight and breathable nature of the Kurta Pyjama ensures you stay comfortable throughout the festivities.
  • Minimalistic Style: If you prefer a minimalistic and understated look, the Kurta Pyjama's simplicity will align with your aesthetic.

Exploring the Grandeur of the Sherwani

What is a Sherwani?

A Sherwani is a regal and opulent wedding attire for grooms. It is a long coat-like garment typically worn over a Kurta and Churidar or other bottom options. Sherwanis are often intricately designed and heavily embellished, exuding an aura of luxury.


When to Choose a  Sherwani

  • Elaborate Weddings: If you're having a lavish and grand wedding celebration, a Sherwani can add to the overall opulence and grandeur of the event.
  • Nighttime Celebrations: For evening or nighttime events, Sherwanis with their rich fabrics and intricate embroidery can create a stunning visual impact under the lights.
  • Traditional Elegance: If you want to embrace tradition and make a statement on your big day, a Sherwani is the epitome of traditional elegance.


1. Is a Sherwani more expensive than a Kurta Pyjama?

  • Yes, Sherwanis tend to be more expensive due to their intricate craftsmanship and premium fabrics.

2. Can I customize my Kurta Pyjama or Sherwani?

  • Yes, both outfits can be customized to reflect your personal style and preferences.

3. What accessories go well with these outfits?

  • For a Kurta Pyjama, consider a stylish stole or dupatta and some elegant footwear. With a Sherwani, opt for a matching turban (safa), a statement necklace, and royal footwear.


Ultimately, the choice between a Kurta Pyjama and a Sherwani depends on the scale of your wedding, your personal style, and your budget. The Kurta Pyjama offers comfort and simplicity, while the Sherwani exudes grandeur and tradition. Whichever outfit you choose, make sure it reflects your personality and makes you feel confident on your special day. Happy wedding planning!

Remember, the most important thing is to wear your chosen outfit with pride and confidence, as it's a symbol of your love and commitment on this joyous occasion.